Week 11: Touch & Print Field Trip

The trip to Touch and Print was really impressed me with the introduction of different printing techniques. At first, the printing in my knowledge is something very vapid and flat which I thought it will be very stiff if I printed the images on a object or fabric. However, I gained the new knowledge about transfer printing.

The person in-charge not only gave us the technical knowledge about transfer printing but also showed us the process to let us know the steps how to make a successful printing.

He showed us this master pieces done by his friend which can be the inspiration of our final project for those using cardboard for final.

This trip was focus on the transfer printing. Transfer printing can do full color prints, it has no set up time or minimum quantity and lastly the repeat prints are the same. This technique is distinguish with the screen printing which is the technique needs long setup time. It has the minimum quantity but the repeated prints are very cheap and fast. They are also different types of transfer printing which are laser/toner, inkjet, cutting and also sublimation. For example, the laser transfer can do fabric and non-fabric printing and it is the only kind that can do non-fabric printing.

The examples he showed us the printing on different medium for example, fabric, cardboard and leather.

Moreover, we also known that how a design transfer to the t-shirt by using the heat transfer with special paper and laser printer. We are introduced by the difficulty for transfer printing is actually getting rid of the unwanted area.

Another learning point for this trip is the white toner technology. The special transfer paper which allows to transfer which color from the images.

Lastly, I am interested in this technique which is printing on wood actually can done by the matte gel or acrylic paint. The big tube can buy from Artfriend while the small one can get from Daiso.

This field trip is completely worthy while getting out of the pulau NTU. It is impressive when we visit a printing shop that introducing different techniques and the person in-charged shared his own experiences with us!

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