Week 13: Resin and Latex

Resin casting
Resin casting is a method of plastic casting where a mold is filled with a liquid synthetic resin, which then hardens. It is primarily used for small-scale production like industrial prototypes and dentistry.

Resin casting is an exciting and fun craft that allows you to embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic. Coins, shells, rocks, dried flowers, butterflies and insects are just a few of the examples of embedment possibilities.

1) Resin
2) Mold
3) Hardener
4) Things to cast
5) The release agent spray to make the resin cast easily take out


Liquid latex rubber is a very versatile art material that can be used for a range of purposes. Derived from rubber trees, liquid latex is inexpensive, tough, tear-resistant and long lasting. In fact, it emerges as the most economical mold making and casting product in the market.

1) Liquid latex
2) Mold
3) Hardener
4) Color(optional)

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