Final Project | Part 2

For my theme I chose something personal and because my father was planting durian in Malaysia so I think this is easier to get the samples to touch and feel the surface. I don’t really like durian because I was bored to the taste as I always eat while I was a kid. To me, durian is a meaningful object in my memory especially I was grown up in the kampung with durian farm.

I tried whatever techniques I can do. Not only use the tecnique that I had learnt in class but also I manage to create the new techniques. I eventually was about to give up and many times to think that changing my theme because I couldn’t get the outcome I want.

I tried to work plastic fusing but it looks like very soft and messy, even though the gold thorn is so awkward on the green plastic surface. 

This is completely a failed pieces but I learnt the trials and errors and the choose of correct medium to work with durian surface. I was trying to poke the hole and make the thorn come out from bottom.

While color pencils also can look like a durian thorn. I pasted the color pencil on a vacuum foaming sheet because I think that it looks like a durian shell.

More process!



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