Week 4 | Creative Direction

Project title: In Search of Memories
Project objective: To inspire young adult surveying their own past to increase their life satisfaction through their personal story

Self-discovery      Life review therapy        Satisfaction of life     Nostalgia  Autobiographic memory     Collective memory

Research question:
How’s life review theraphy can be served to increase the satisfaction of life?How are the autobiographic memories can be turned into collective memories?
How memories are being recorded in a tangible way?

Existing Relevant Works
1) Reminiscence Box

2) Back up the memories of Taipei

Creative Direction Framework

Digital Publication
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1. Be mind of the purpose from the memory
2. Try more layout on publication, B/W photography reconsidering?
3. How to show the object inspiration in illustrative book?
4. Bilingual?

Week 3

Visual references
1) 從前從前‧我記得

2) Farrer Park – Rhyming Verses from a Singapore Childhood

Illustration exploration
1) Hand-drawn 

2) Digital illustration

After consultation

– Think of the emotions to bring up the lesson, i.e.:loss of something
– Serve nostalgia as a reflection
– More details can be added into the illustration
– Write up on memories with two languages
– Map out three deliveries of books clearly. Digital illustrated book (showing key features), Printed publication, The journey of visiting the past memories
– Think of the sentimental object to associate with the installation, three final deliveries have to be linked together

Project Reminiscence: Ideas and artwork

Present society(problem)
Meaning of life(problem)
Reminiscence therapy for young people(method)
Recall memory through five senses(method)
Autobiographical memories(method)

The purpose of the study
This project was set as an autobiographical memories project by reminiscing the artist’s life journey till today to remind the appreciation for her present and also as a better guidance for her future. Through her personal story, it aims to act as a message to remind people to reminisce their past and appreciate their life.

Research problems
In order to have a better life, human is rushing every day and not having much leisure time. Day by day, there is no time to think back our past – we will even forget the original intention in our life. In the end, we will only regret of not appreciating the past and have missed the golden time with our loved.

The artist and her family experienced many times of moving, from one place to another, in order to seek for a better living conditions. While revisiting these places, she was saddened by what isn’t there anymore made she missing her past a lot.

Justification for proposing this research
As a record of growing up process, the artist in current age is suitable to conclude her life journey until now as a reflection for the present and the future. Furthermore, life feels more meaningful when we reminisce. It allows people to step out their comfort zone as an initial step to tackle the challenges in life.

Research questions
1. How to create the meaning of life from memories?
2. How to recall memories through the five of senses(?)
3. How does the design in reminiscence therapy helps people to appreciate their present and as a reflection the future(?)

Illustration styles exploration