Final Project | Part 3

Inspiration and moodboard
Duri explores the textures of durian which is the “King of fruits” by introducing its growth process. The name ‘Duri” means “thorn” in Malay because they are native to South-eastern Asia.

Duri is distinctive for its large size, unique and odour smell and lastly the formidable thorn-covered husk. Durian is a very ancient and primitive fruit. It has been known in South-eastern Asia since prehistoric times and has only been known to the Western world for about 600 years. Thus, we can see how valuable durian it is as it known as the world legend.

They are three steps that can conclude durian grows from a flower to the fruit. At first, there will have the durian flowers and blooming in this initiation stage, it is called flowering stage. After that, the durian in the fruit growth stage will have the small and numerous thorns. Lastly, the features for the thorns in mature and harvesting stage will be hard and wider.

Materials board
The surface that showed different stage of durian growth.

Light on!

What I was playing was the shadow of the texture itself. The shadows look  like a mature durian when I reflected the light.

Application board
Because of durian looks very ugly but it is tasty for some people they really like it. My idea is to make the ugly thing looks beautiful and encouraging the people to touch the surface they won’t feel it normally. I decided to make a lamp to bring out the idea of durian are actually attractive. This is a hanging lamp which like the durian is hanging on the trees. 

For other application I think that can be an umbrella and phone case because the idea of durian shell is to protect them from danger. I wanted to make the applications are more close to life so can encourage people to touch it and bring the idea durian is not so hard to accept.


Final Project | Part 2

For my theme I chose something personal and because my father was planting durian in Malaysia so I think this is easier to get the samples to touch and feel the surface. I don’t really like durian because I was bored to the taste as I always eat while I was a kid. To me, durian is a meaningful object in my memory especially I was grown up in the kampung with durian farm.

I tried whatever techniques I can do. Not only use the tecnique that I had learnt in class but also I manage to create the new techniques. I eventually was about to give up and many times to think that changing my theme because I couldn’t get the outcome I want.

I tried to work plastic fusing but it looks like very soft and messy, even though the gold thorn is so awkward on the green plastic surface. 

This is completely a failed pieces but I learnt the trials and errors and the choose of correct medium to work with durian surface. I was trying to poke the hole and make the thorn come out from bottom.

While color pencils also can look like a durian thorn. I pasted the color pencil on a vacuum foaming sheet because I think that it looks like a durian shell.

More process!



Final Project | Part 1

My initial theme is childhood memory and the surface I am going to look at is durian. The reason why I chose this is unlike other kids, I have been raised under kampung environment. My uncles worked as planting durian so my childhood was fulfilled by durian and I do know a bit knowledge from them. 


More examples:

I chose this theme with a great courage and try to challenge something is difficult. In order to have the theme more close to my life and something I can touch it with my observation, no matter how difficult it is, I will still stick with it. Throughout the process I was very disappointed to myself and many times want to give up but thanks to Galina’s encouragement to help me return my confidence.