Exercise 1: Hello, my name is…

Typography I chose to use the initial of my name, which are the 3 letters in the image, “SZM”.In this image, the 3 letters are in same structure but the second and third are gradually simple and illegible. It shows that I am a person who always lack of patience on something that I am not interested in. I will… Read more →

Project 1- Research

Photomontage Technique: The idea of photomontage indeed worked as a thunderbolt for not only Hausmann but for the entire Berlin Dada group and was later described as the voice of the Dadaists from this part of the world. The idea of his photomontages were extremely different and artistic as compared to the later montages and in every way let out… Read more →

Project 3- EGO

Concept and Ideas: As the home is the warmest place for me, I would like to show my ego in each part of my house. They are: bedroom, living room, kitchen and study room. 1) Disorder+Procrastination= Me In bedroom because it is my private space. Colour scheme: Tetrad Harmony 2) Happiness- Loneliness= A better me In living room, because I… Read more →

Project 2- Nursery Rhymes

Final Work: From what I understand on the rhyme, I think that Peter had actually eaten his wife. Since he is a pumpkin eater, and he kept his wife in a pumpkin shell. F  Jack fell down and broke his crown, so, what is the ending? The two teardrops on his face show the sadness of him because the part… Read more →

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