PROJECT 2 Impossibilities of Being

In my 90 images, I am trying to show a nightmare of student. It is an usual for uni-student to keep our eyes open until morning, rushing the projects. Sometime we may be stressful with the assignments, and don’t know how to cope up with so many works at a same time. As for me, I also wanted to give up when I am very tired and couldn’t find any inspiration. However, every time it will become better after struggling and make me thinking not everything is so bad.

The three transformations of the set of photos are the different tones, which are black and white, overlay, and colorful.

For the first stage which are all in black and white tone, is to create an atmosphere of horror. Second, which is overlay and unstable, is to show the emotion of nervous and uneasy. Third, the pictures all in color with a state of delightful.

Story line:
I fell asleep again on my table at a midnight because it is too tired as I was rushing my assignments. Suddenly, I dream of I am at the outside of my school, the ADM building. Then, I am walking along the way towards the classroom. Surprisingly, every time I open the door, all the assignments which are floating in the air come out and keep approaching me. I try to run away from them. After that, the image back to the very beginning which is outside the ADM building. However, everything becomes bright and colorful this time, as well as the classrooms. This means that everything will become better after you had tried your best to cope up with it.


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