Project 3- EGO

Concept and Ideas:
As the home is the warmest place for me, I would like to show my ego in each part of my house. They are: bedroom, living room, kitchen and study room.

1) Disorder+Procrastination= Me
In bedroom because it is my private space.
Colour scheme: Tetrad Harmony
2d 01

2) Happiness- Loneliness= A better me
In living room, because I always stay there with my family and I feel that is real me.
Colour Scheme: Tetrad Harmony
2d 02

3) Orderliness x Perfection= An Ideal Me
In the kitchen, I can be a perfect person there by doing house chores.
Colour Scheme: Analogous
2d 04

4) Knowledge+ Time = Me in five years
In study room, to accumulate my knowledge for my future.
Colour Scheme: Triad Harmony
2d 03





Reflection: I found that it is quite challenging when try to decide which colour to use and how the tone is.

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