When I first receive this assignment, I did some research on reference artist such as Ed Moses with artworks from 1960s (Rose Drawings). The images are very descriptive yet shows very little. It taught me a new term – Non-Objective Art, which means it “takes nothing from reality [and] is created purely for aesthetic reasons”. It goes to show the mastery Ed Moses has with the elements and principles of design and that is something I aspire to master as well.


Going ahead, I came across this design worksheet that I find absolutely useful in explaining the relationship between lines and emotions. I tried my best to understand and incorporate these design elements in my final artworks. At this part I decided to focus on the relationship with sight and touch and hence different mediums were tested and used.


For my next research would be the artist Hannah Quinlivan, where we were informed by Mimi that almost all her artworks are done with just lines but by using different mediums. Her metal pieces works inspired me to use things like paper clips in them.


At the end of the day, after trying out different methods such as mono-printing, ropes and pop-up papers, I decided to mix them all up to give each emotion their own meaning instead of sticking to one medium for the whole assignment.