Last week, after consulting on Project 1, I have thought about how to integrate the project with a theme. I have also decided to reshuffle the 6 characteristic that I will be doing.



The final 6 4 characteristics are:
– Always Sleepy
– Curiosity Killed The Cat
– Constantly Thinking
– Wary of Everything
– Treading Carefully
– Ravenous

I will be using Doodle Typography on Photograph as my medium. With the final physical product being a pop-up photo if possible. Also as a challenge to myself, I will be using Krita as my primary software, with casual photography websites and app for adjusting photographs. This is so to limit myself from my comfort zone of always relying on Photoshop for everything.

Because my major is animation, I am thinking of applying that into Project 1, basing it upon the pop-up card. Instead I would have the plain photo and the front layer as my physical product.

I also found this GIF from tumblr that I thought might be useful as my digital version of the project can be a short 3 or 4 frame simple GIf of my characters idling.


These are preliminary sketches that I have done last week.

bg photos

These are the photos that I have selected at this stage to be used. I will probably use the photos mostly as it is, with a bit of touch up using anything but Photoshop. Probably adding filters to give the photo a certain mood base on the characteristic.


I amSet1_2

and I am always sleepy. zzZ


An example of how my work will look like (without colour) and how it look like in Krita. While some will feature actual text, some will uses characteristic and actions of cats to depict the letters (as above).

After the final consultation, I realize the name doesn’t all have to spell my name as it can be my cats’ names and I can use beyond just body postures to show the letters – such as scratch marks or cat fur patterns. I also learned that the letters can be used playfully with it interacting with the background image, just like Ryan Boyle’s “Doodle Monsters” project.

I will also experiment the doodle with either white/off-white and with simple colour as I realize colour might blend the doodles too much into the background image.