This is the early development process of Project 2. The 6 phrases I will be using are:

  1. A college from the point of view of a campus cat is a home
  2. A student caretaker from the point of view of a campus cat is a food delivery
  3. A community cat from the point of view of a campus cat is crude and vicious 
  4. A community area from the point of view of a community cat is a safari
  5. An ex-owner from the point of view of a community cat is sadness and abandonment
  6. A campus cat from the point of view of community cat is smart alec

After consultation last week, a new idea to have the A5 artwork as brochure was ignited. Here are some of the brochure collection I did over the week and books I borrowed from the library:


These are not brochure but more of flyers, still I thought I might be useful to see how they layout and the type of font being used.

SAM_2175 SAM_2176

Tech brochure seem to enjoy using sans-serif a lot…


These are folded brochures which give me some idea of how to fold my brochure, taking in mind the dimension is A5 and not the usual brochure size. The usage of full folded photograph should be noted as well.

SAM_2178 I especially like the font on Press Play, which give it a casual and yet looking smart at the same time.

These are some other design I found online that I thought could help:

I will be using the font as guide and their general design style.

SAM_2182 SAM_2181

I actually got the unequal folding from one of the brochures in the Basic Brochures book.

SAM_2183 SAM_2184

I also borrowed a book called Cartoon Cute Animals that I thought might be useful in helping to generating more ideas for drawing the cats.

To push my brochure design idea further, I decided since it is for the cats – freshmen campus cat, and starting community cat, I could do a simple freshmen welcome pack/starter survival kit.

For the 3 campus cat POV, it will be a goodie bag with 2 brochures (no. 1 & 3), 1 postcard (no. 2) as the 3 POV, along with a campus flag, an A8 notepad and a cat can food. The brochure’s cover will use a recurring design as a base for the flag, notepad cover and can food cover.

The focus and cornerstone of the project design will be on the brochures and postcard with everything else being in the sideline to support and to bring the design even further.

For the 3 community cat POV, it will be similar but with a small portable poach with the idea of a starter survival kit. It will also have 2 brochures (no. 4 & 6), 1 postcard (no. 5) as the 3 POV, with the other goodie being the same except for the flag, which will be swap for a tiny water bottle.