Color Theory

Digital version of color theory that I did in class, they will be the color schemes I will be basing on for the assignment:


Triad, Analogous, Split Complementary, Complementary


This is the initial mood board that I did for the assignment:


My idea is to use technical pen/fineliner as my main medium and incorporating markers and watercolor into it. Much like the illustration on Roald Dahl’s children novels and the recent trend in adult coloring books. I want to give it a whimsical feel inspired by the aforementioned works while having my own illustration style. More can be found in the physical sketchbook.



I first work on the some initial sketches based on what I want to say for the equations. Then I worked on exploring the mediums like pastel to markers. I even planned to used colored fine liners but realize it doesn’t blend well with markers or water color.

Next I worked on more detailed thumbnails, playing around with ideas and initial color using simple color pencils. I then test out an actual size piece using water color and markers. I learned that markers are not great to use as a primary medium so I decided to have the base color in water color instead with details colored in color pencil and markers. Lastly I finalize some of the designs that I still plan to change and tested how to improve my marker coloring so it blends well.

Final Artworks

1-art 1-cat 1-me

Art + Cat = Me

2-my-abilities 2-pro-cat-stination 2-a-better-me

My Abilities – Pro-cat-stination = A Better Me

3-creativity 3-imagination 3-an-ideal-me

Creativity x Imagination = An Ideal Me

4-study 4-dying 4-me-in-5-years

Study + or – Dying = Me in 5 Year

As the final artwork is bigger, some of the pieces have more detail added in. White and black was also used in selected piece to further bring out the mood of the artwork.



I have always loved children’s book illustrations and with the rise of popularity of adult coloring books, I thought this is a good art style to use for the final project. Again, this is another project which I uses cat as my subject. The cat is used as a representation of who I am as I feel I can be myself when I am around felines.

The choice of traditional mediums is because I am aware I am weak in traditional medium and I want to use this opportunity as a learning experience and doing something different rather than doing something I am already good at.

And I learned a lot from this project, like for example I should have outlined the artwork in fine liner pen first before applying the water color but it turned out well as I was able to blend more of the colors using markers and color pencils. I also learned about color blending in traditional medium (such as painting over a layer of water color can result in another color instead of what you wanted).

I could go on and on but overall this was a fun and tiring project and let me improve on my weaker skills and applying what I learned about surrealism and color theory and applying them together to create something unique.