This is my 4D assignment 1

Task 1: Me


This set of photos shows what is important to me. Anchoring the images together is the common theme of a plant, representing life and my love of caring for Mother Earth. In the second image is a Pokemon figurine to show my hobby collecting them. In the last photo is a representing my undying love for my pet cats, all who has sadly pass on from this life.

Task 2: Object & Representation of Self


Some books are important to some people. An example would be Holy Text that is important to religious faithfuls. For me, I see Philosophy as the center of my life. I represent that during an introduction book to Philosophy with light emitting out of it. “We are what we read” is a quote that is always on my mind and that is shown through the book facing in front of me, in a pose similar to┬áRene Magritte’s The Son of Man artwork. Given the nature of Philosophy, it is easy to overthink and get burn out trying to find out the answers to the secret of the universe.

Task 3: My World


My world is a place of comfort and safety. Nothing to me is more safe than your own house. A place once filled with life with little cats, kittens and dogs running around is now a hollowed ground and I am left with only 1 golden retriever as my sole pet.