4d ii a3

Team Member: Merlin, Daniel
Theme: Commercialization/Capitalism
Title: Money Grows on Trees
Genre: Mockumetry, Comedy

For our final assignment, we will be working on a video installation. The idea came from shopping mall pillars with advertisement on it. Instead of static images, it would be a video of interview of an economist answering why our economic is not doing well.

An example of the dialogue is: “The reason for the low harvest of money this year is due to deforestation and global warming.”

Capitalism and pro-consumerism is putting heavy strain on Earth’s resources – overpopulation and overusage.

We thought of 3 ideas for our presentation of this video installation:

  1. Pillar

The pillar will have 4 projector shining on each side with each screen coordinating with each other.


2. Duel Screen Installation


3. Tree cut-out projection