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It was said that the world used to be a place with both night and day. I do not know if it’s true, nor if it’s real, but I do know that in Revlis, the sky is always dark and these glowing spheres light up our paths. I dream of a day where I could see day.

Hmm how would I describe Revlis?

When I walk on the streets, I always take care not to stumble over the scattered orbs. These glowing orbs don’t just emit light though, but heat as well, it’s always so comfortable because my feet gets warm. Contrarily, my torso gets really cold, but I would just pick up an orb to warm myself up. The red ones are usually the warmest.

There’s no need to work everyday since everyone shares and helps out when needed. Food is picked from the plants growing around the town, and also from the farms within. Animals, such as chickens and pigs, are also bred for food. If we’re lucky, wild boars sometimes appear. Oh, I forgot to mention that Revlis is completely surrounded by forests and jungles. Plants and flowers always seem to be growing insanely out of control, so the edge of the town has to be trimmed daily to suppress their endless growth, and no one dares to venture into that unknown outside either since everything is safe in here.

03Not having to work everyday really brings out the boredom in me though. I end up heading to the library to read the same old books whenever I need to kill time. The library only has information books on how to distinguish between poisonous plants and edible plants, and how to kill and eat animals properly, which we were already taught since young. The rest of them are some grammar books and dictionaries, which are real boring once you can understand English, y’know?

I know Revlis is the epitome of peaceful and safe, and how could I have any complaints about my lovely community? It’s just…there’s a constant nagging feeling that this isn’t enough. It’s boring, it’s almost… lifeless. I want to see and know the world, I want adventure.

Facts of the world (the non-narrative version of above)

The story begins in Revlis, where everyone lives in perfect harmony.

It is constantly night, and has been for as far as the oldest person in the community knows.

Revlis is a small town, where everyone knows each other’s names even if they aren’t friends. Surrounded by thick growth, no one has successfully ventured out, nor has anyone, other than wild boars, ever appeared. All attempts to hack a path through the growth simply did not work as the fast growth proves too much to handle. Nor did fire, as the forest contains enough moisture to snuff it out after a while, and it cannot burn for long enough to create any space for anyone to walk through. It is also practically impossibly to climb the trees, and not get attacked by branches from almost all directions.

Survival within Revlis is easy though, food is plentiful, as long as the people know what they can eat. For water, besides the wells that exists, there is always a lot of dew on the plants.

Although no one is discontent with this life, most of them are bursting with curiosity to find out if there’s anything beyond.

Characters creation!

Decide upon your: Name, appearance, backstory, attributes points (8), a colour of your choice (don’t be too specific, just red, yellow, etc will do), anything else you want to include.

Attributes are used for, but not completely limited to: Strength – Physical activities; Agility – Stealth and speed; Intelligence – Charisma and tact

Default race is human, but if there’s an extremely strong desire for other kinds, you can state so in your comment (and I’ll consider). Inventory limit will be placed in further updates.

You can also discuss/agree among yourselves if you are related or just strangers (default).

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9 thoughts on “(REVLIS) Lore: World”

  1. Name: Olumide

    Appearance: Dressed in a long black robe and face covered with jet black long hair. Does not seem like an guy who can be easily approached.

    Backstory: Born an orphan, Olumide has grown up to be a very independent but lonely individual. He keeps his interactions with others minimal and he strives to be relatively good in every aspects of himself in order to support himself. As he has no commitments or whatsoever, he spends most of his time improving himself and although he looks rather scrawny, he is actually quite nimble and fit. Also, he has discovered the secret of the orbs and he can manifest the infinite energy from it.

    Strength 2
    Agility 3
    Intelligence 3

    Color: Black

    1. [OOC] SORRY he can’t find out what the orbs do yet, it will be revealed in a future chapter!

      /edit btw could you tell me how he was gonna use the orbs xD (curious) if it doesn’t clash, i could possibly let you use them your way too but it’s quite unlikely

  2. Name: Aria

    Appearance: Dressed in a red hooded poncho, she rarely reveals her face to people. Under her hood, her side flip auburn hair, is wildly arranged, but that does not seem to bother her.

    Backstory: Aria grew up without knowing her parents. She was abandoned when she was still a child and raised by an old lady until this one passed away. Aria was not interested in helping out others but preferred instead to contemplate the city of Revlis lit up by the orbs from a tree which was situated at the top of a hill on the outskirt of the town. She would ask herself a million and one questions about the meaning of all of ‘this’. Independent, Impulsive and Fearless she was.

    Strength 1
    Agility 4
    Intelligence 3

    Color: Red

    1. [OOC] There is light…….. I’m not really sure what you’re confused about, but any questions you have will probably be answered in the story.

      Will post both your character infos in the next chapter, just to confirm.

  3. [OOC] “The sky is always dark” “I dream of a day where I could see day.”
    So there’s no sun? (that’s what i meant by light)
    No sunlight= No photosynthesis= No plants= No animals= No humans= No life
    I don’t understand why my character HAS to help out, unless its part of the story…

    1. [OOC] Yes. No sun. It will be revealed in the story.
      It’s a relatively small community, so even though you don’t HAVE to, it’s sort of a thing people do or you will kind of be ostracized? Does that make more sense? :/ I suppose you can be unwilling to help out anyway.

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