(REVLIS) Lore: Housing/Town Layout

Revlis has a radial design. The trees surround the town in a circle.


Houses are placed near to the edge. There isn’t enough space to build everyone a house, so everyone lives together, usually 10 to a house.

The houses are made of mostly mud bricks, rocks, stones, as the community sometimes burns off the overgrowth with fire and they don’t want the houses to burn up in an accident.

There are wooden beds inside though, and their accompanying thin mattresses were filled with straw and the feathers of chickens. There are also other furniture, a cupboard for clothes, a table and some chairs.

The walls are bare of decorative and personal items. It’s mostly covered with just white orbs providing light plus a few other essentials like mirrors and shelves. There are red orbs on the floor aligned with the walls too.

For toilets, there is a small corner of the room that is blocked off by hanging cloth, and a pot. Everyone is required to pour out the contents into a hole at the very edge of town.

Town Layout

The town’s population is approximately a thousand. Besides houses, there is also:

  • a library
  • a common canteen
  • a center plaza to chat around a bonfire (where you can cook and eat potatoes too)
  • some buildings for work (such as making cloths, slaughterhouse for chickens, etc)
  • farms (potatoes! (and more, of course))

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