Week 1-2 Journal

Week 1

What kind of learner are you

Honestly, I never knew what kind of learner I was. I get different results every time I do some test and I feel that I learn differently when I have different moods. Right now, however, I took some quizzes -> link.

Linguistic 75%
Intrapersonal 63%
Visual-Spatial 58%
Logical-Mathematical 50%
Interpersonal 50%
Musical 50%
Naturalistic 25%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 8%

-> link

Logical 20
Kinesthetic 16
Linguistic 14
Naturalistic 14
Intrapersonal 14
Musical 14
Interpersonal 13
Visual 11

As you can see…the results seem to vary widely. I suppose online quizzes aren’t really all that reliable (obviously). But I can perhaps derive that I am more partial towards the linguistic and logical learning style.

Personally though, I usually study by reading notes, writing notes, and doing examples, which is a learning style leaning towards kinesthetic.

After doing this exercise and thinking about it in detail, I find that there are lots of contradictions. It is probably not possibly to be only a few kinds of learner. Rather, everyone is every kind of learner, just more of some and less of others. For example, my usual learning style might be considered linguistic and kinesthetic, but in truth, (just quoting from the website, I don’t enjoy talking about things all that much (unless I’m comfortable with you) and I don’t do sports. People also tend to think that I would be a visual learner (since I’m in art school…right?) but I’m absolutely horrible at map reading and have 0 sense of direction.

Week 2

Favourite Buddhist temple

Unsurprisingly, I think that the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is one of the nicest temples in Singapore. It is a tourist attraction, so it is of no surprise that the main temple is beautiful, with many statues and artworks displayed.

My favourite part of the temple, however, is the museum. I find understanding and learning about the history and some of the habits and rituals interesting, as there are information there that cannot be found anywhere else.

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