Essay Proposal

4. What is Chinese landscape painting? Compare Guo Xi’s Early Spring to a bird and flower painting by Emperor Hui-tsung.

– What is Chinese landscape painting (Definition)
– Basic background information (How it started, etc?)
– Claim: Chinese landscape paintings (of the same time period) can be very different (in terms of aesthetics)

– Discuss about Guo Xi’s Early Spring painting (Subject matter, composition, colour)
– Compare Emperor’s Hui-Tsung’s painting (Five-coloured Parakeet) to Guo Xi’s, similarities, differences (compared to what was mentioned in the above paragraph)

[Update] With the suggestions, I have edited my proposal.

– What is Chinese landscape painting
-> Definition of Chinese landscape painting
-> When it started
-> Characteristics of Chinese landscape paintings
– Introduce Guo Xi and Emperor Hui-tsung
-> What is their motivation/reasoning/influences behind painting
– Claim
-> Although similar motifs (nature-ish), they carry largely differing meanings

– Compare subject matter of both paintings
– Compare composition of both paintings
– Compare colour of both paintings

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  1. Good introduction. Begin with a definition and a brief history of your topic!
    Good start for a thesis–frame it as a comparison with similarities and differences!
    But, let’s be more specific. Let’s take care of your first phrase–What is special about this time period? What is influencing both painters?
    Ask yourself whether you want to do the lumping method? Look at the examples of comparison essays and paragraphs on NTULearn in the folder called “Second Assessment.” Is there another way to organise tis essay?

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