Final Assessment

Group members: Gek, Raj, Pin, Son Tra

For the final assessment, we have decided to do a visual response to Japanese screens (byobu). The idea was inspired by Yao Lu’s New Landscapes and Team 5’s presentation. 🙂

At first glance, Yao Lu’s New Landscapes looks like any Chinese landscape paintings of mountains. On closer observation however, it is actually depicting trash. View more!

Here’s an example if you don’t want to open the links.

Dwelling in the Mount Fuchun, Yao Lu
Dwelling in the Mount Fuchun, Yao Lu.

Also, in Team 5’s presentation, they showed us a byobu that contained modern motifs.

We found these works really fascinating and are interested to do a visual response with an idea similar to these works.

We are still finalizing the byobu that we are “responding” to, but we are hoping to input some context of Singapore. E.g. Replace houses with HDB.

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2 thoughts on “Final Assessment”

  1. Sounds wonderful!

    But are you taking on too much by responding to two works of art? Or, do you see similarities between the two? If so, what?

    What is your medium? Byobu? Photography?

    Who is doing what?

    Please remember that you need to present next week on your project.

  2. Hi Sujatha, sorry for the late reply! This post was actually to describe our thoughts and those works are just references (they were visual responses to other works). Our actual idea for the project is in Gek’s latest post 🙂 Thank you!!

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