(REVLIS) Lore: Authority

No one really governs in the town of Revlis. The “governors” of Revlis are better known as the coordinators. According to the stories and legends passed down from previous generations…

xxx years ago

Revlis wasn’t always known by this name. Before the world fell into eternal night, Revlis was known as Aeroth, and it was a huge place, possibly a thousand times bigger than now.

Aeroth was under the control of a mayor named Silver, who treated all like slaves and servants. In the days leading up to the event, the world was utter chaos (no one is really sure of what occurred), but within the chaos, Silver vanished. The world seemed to run as normal, but now freezing cold and without day. Everyone was still alive though, and when the confusion settled, the town was renamed Revlis, to celebrate the peace we thought would follow.

Just the opposite happened.

“There’s not enough food, please, help!”
“My house! It’s destroyed!”
“There aren’t enough storage space for the excess cloths!”
“I’m so tired…is there any place I can sleep?”

There wasn’t anyone to govern and rule over the town. It was gradually becoming more disorderly and disruptive among the people. The elderly couldn’t take the cold, the children starved. People started dying. Everyone was frightened and distressed, but no one wanted to take the lead.

Finally, two people stepped up. Now known in our time as the legendary duo, Lyra and Leoric made a speech at the plaza to request for the people’s cooperation. They were the ones to finally bring the town together, and live in harmony.

“We do not wish to rule over everyone, but looking at the state of the town now, we need to work together. There is an excess of manpower at some places, and a lack of at others. As we work as coordinators, we can decide which part of the town needs more help and assign more people to work there.”

“We will not force you to take part if you do not wish to, but our town as you can see, needs all the help it can get. If you care for the town…”

This is a more popular version of the story. It isn’t the only version. Whether it is true or not, the fact remains that we don’t have a mayor but we have a group of coordinators that oversees the essential work that needs to be done for survival.

Currently, there are 5 coordinators that people go to for help when needed. Feredar, for food. Onda, for healthcare. Una, for everyday’s essentials. Rick, for overgrowth of forest. Dazzle, for housing issues and maintenance. Any other complaints not under the categories can be made to any of them.