(REVLIS) Lore: Entertainment

There ain’t much entertainment
here in Revlis.
Ladies and gentlemen,
all there is…

A burning campfire in
the plaza,
there’d be dancin’,
and potatoes getting char.

The library
with less than hundred
books, and mostly
all have them completely read.

Chill on the ridge,
contemplate life’s worth.
Walk round the edge,
or jog or run for good health.

If you can’t find
anything else to do, then,
work. So many kinds
of tasks to be done.

The best fun you can have,
ultimately, is with your
friends. The fave
are those chats and silly things that surely aren’t a bore.

(REVLIS) Lore: Celebrations

For clarification purposes, time isn’t measured by clocks or candles. Every day is roughly gauged by the flight of this huge flock of birds to and fro. No one can accurately tell how long an hour is or when the day is going to end, but when the birds fly from the forest behind the library in the direction of the plaza (they don’t land, they continue straight), it’s half-day, and when they fly back, it’s a new day.

1 year is 365 days. (Some of the information passed down from ancestors includes the calendar.) Every 4 years is a leap year. Revlis celebrates New Year’s Day, but besides that, there are two other major celebrations in Revlis.

11th July

It is a celebration of the beginnings of Revlis. It is not known for sure what happened on this day, but rumours say that 12th July was the day Lyra and Leoric convinced the townspeople, bringing the town together and leading them into a period of harmony and peace.

The celebration is two days long, and commonly referred to as Days of Revlis. There are still work that needs to be done though, but (almost) everyone will show up to help out because they want to finish it quickly and have fun together. However, the first day of the celebration isn’t grand. It signifies the hardship the town has overcome, and reminds everyone to be humble.

Over the course of the day, every house takes turns to go up the hill overlooking the town, and watch the town in silence for a short while. This act reinforces that everyone, not just the coordinators, will look out for the town’s safety and also the welfare of all of its members. Everyone then makes a wish and tie a piece of ribbon braided from long leaves (sedge).

Then, when it is half-day, most gather at the plaza/canteen area and have a simple meal of roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yam together. Throughout the day as well (that means, when the day starts till day ends), the canteen serves these food only.

12th July

Bells will ring to signify the arrival of this very special day. Light and simple food would be served from the start of the day to half-day, and at half-day, the townspeople will once more gather at the plaza/canteen. A feast would be set up, of roasted chicken to soft-boiled eggs, and mushroom soup to stuffed mushrooms. (And also the usual standard food like roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc)

After the meal, there would be dances around the fire which usually last till the end of the day. It is only “compulsory” (note: nothing is really “compulsory”, it’s more like celebration norms and out of respect) to stay for the first dance.

Another celebration deemed important is the day a child turns 17. It signifies the coming of age, and it is when they will start to be included on the official working list.

On this day, for the child, s/he will have to drink a cup of celery juice as the day starts. It is then followed by by a walk at the edge of the forest with 1 of the 5 coordinators (if there are multiple children turning 17 on that day, they will all walk together with the coordinator). It is then followed by a long and slow dance around the fire in the plaza (that all the five coordinators will dance with you).

At half-day, the child and all friends and family (as long as they care for her/him) would return to the plaza and have a meal together, and sing a birthday song. After the meal, the child will be seated in the plaza (with the fire behind), and presented with elaborately braided sedge armbands. After which, the child will toss some firewood into the fire (usually their first time). Finally, they will dance the long and slow dance around the fire again, but this time with family and friends.

If the day happens to fall on the Days of Revlis, it will be scheduled to another day, usually within a week.

(REVLIS) Lore: Law

There are no laws set in stone here, but rather, in its place are unspoken rules.

For example, the obvious, no random murdering of our own people, no hoarding of essentials. Such an outrageous act has never occurred since the beginning of Revlis though, and as such no punishments for such acts have ever been given.

The unspoken rules

  1. The obvious: No murders.
  2. No hoarding, everyone shares. No one is allowed to hoard things like food, clothes, to the extent that there is not enough for others. However, it is generally allowed to keep a few clothes that each individual likes very much (so much that it almost becomes their characteristic), and also a few personal items, such as toothbrushes, and undergarments, etc.


As mentioned in some of my previous posts, the able townspeople are assigned work everyday by the coordinators.

A notice will be pinned up on each notice board in town that displays the next roster. It is usually not an enforced rule that you have to follow and do your assigned tasks. There are also no fixed timings, and is generally free and easy.

Of course, sometimes it happens that too many don’t turn up for work (though very rare), but when it happens and the situation gets too dire, the coordinator will try to rally them (or others who are free at that time) to help out.

(REVLIS) Lore: Architecture

If you actually follow my Lore posts, you will realise that I have written a list of places in town in this post.


The landmarks are simply the places townspeople frequent the most, hence are also larger in terms of size, easy to recognize.

The Plaza

Located right in the center of town, it is a huge area with a bonfire always burning.


Right next to the plaza, it curves along the circular edge. There is a stall where anyone can get food when they are hungry. The stall is located at one end of the curve, and behind the stall is a fairly large cooking area. The stall is basically just a long wooden table, with pots and pans filled with food that anyone can help themselves to. The other parts of the table are stacked with plates, bowls and utensils.

At the other end of the canteen is a washing area that the townspeople can use to wash the dishes after eating.


Located closer to the outer ring of the town, it is a strange material, different from all the other buildings here that are usually made with mud bricks, straw.

Many townspeople come here to chill and relax, as it is usually quiet.

(REVLIS) Lore: Authority

No one really governs in the town of Revlis. The “governors” of Revlis are better known as the coordinators. According to the stories and legends passed down from previous generations…

xxx years ago

Revlis wasn’t always known by this name. Before the world fell into eternal night, Revlis was known as Aeroth, and it was a huge place, possibly a thousand times bigger than now.

Aeroth was under the control of a mayor named Silver, who treated all like slaves and servants. In the days leading up to the event, the world was utter chaos (no one is really sure of what occurred), but within the chaos, Silver vanished. The world seemed to run as normal, but now freezing cold and without day. Everyone was still alive though, and when the confusion settled, the town was renamed Revlis, to celebrate the peace we thought would follow.

Just the opposite happened.

“There’s not enough food, please, help!”
“My house! It’s destroyed!”
“There aren’t enough storage space for the excess cloths!”
“I’m so tired…is there any place I can sleep?”

There wasn’t anyone to govern and rule over the town. It was gradually becoming more disorderly and disruptive among the people. The elderly couldn’t take the cold, the children starved. People started dying. Everyone was frightened and distressed, but no one wanted to take the lead.

Finally, two people stepped up. Now known in our time as the legendary duo, Lyra and Leoric made a speech at the plaza to request for the people’s cooperation. They were the ones to finally bring the town together, and live in harmony.

“We do not wish to rule over everyone, but looking at the state of the town now, we need to work together. There is an excess of manpower at some places, and a lack of at others. As we work as coordinators, we can decide which part of the town needs more help and assign more people to work there.”

“We will not force you to take part if you do not wish to, but our town as you can see, needs all the help it can get. If you care for the town…”

This is a more popular version of the story. It isn’t the only version. Whether it is true or not, the fact remains that we don’t have a mayor but we have a group of coordinators that oversees the essential work that needs to be done for survival.

Currently, there are 5 coordinators that people go to for help when needed. Feredar, for food. Onda, for healthcare. Una, for everyday’s essentials. Rick, for overgrowth of forest. Dazzle, for housing issues and maintenance. Any other complaints not under the categories can be made to any of them.

(REVLIS) Lore: Housing/Town Layout

Revlis has a radial design. The trees surround the town in a circle.


Houses are placed near to the edge. There isn’t enough space to build everyone a house, so everyone lives together, usually 10 to a house.

The houses are made of mostly mud bricks, rocks, stones, as the community sometimes burns off the overgrowth with fire and they don’t want the houses to burn up in an accident.

There are wooden beds inside though, and their accompanying thin mattresses were filled with straw and the feathers of chickens. There are also other furniture, a cupboard for clothes, a table and some chairs.

The walls are bare of decorative and personal items. It’s mostly covered with just white orbs providing light plus a few other essentials like mirrors and shelves. There are red orbs on the floor aligned with the walls too.

For toilets, there is a small corner of the room that is blocked off by hanging cloth, and a pot. Everyone is required to pour out the contents into a hole at the very edge of town.

Town Layout

The town’s population is approximately a thousand. Besides houses, there is also:

  • a library
  • a common canteen
  • a center plaza to chat around a bonfire (where you can cook and eat potatoes too)
  • some buildings for work (such as making cloths, slaughterhouse for chickens, etc)
  • farms (potatoes! (and more, of course))