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Framing Dance: Screen Test (ADM) & Feedback

Password: fypfyp

Password: fypfyp

Concept: Showcase Singapore’s urban architecture as an otherworldly landscape using experimental film technique.

Moving on, I met up with Isabel and we did a test screen in ADM. We experimented in different locations in the building and I was thinking of shooting both urban concrete and modern city architecture styles and ADM have both styles. We also explored shooting reflections and tested various angles and framing. All of them are shot in 4K. Videos above are exported in 1080p but final video will be exported in 4K.

Going back, I tried different placements, entry styles, play timings, expanding, piecing the footages side by side. I also did a little colour grading.

Isabel in a single frame

Isabel in all frames

Side by side placement

Slow motion, 120 fps, full screen

Mirror, water reflection


Reflection combination

Full screen

I had a discussion with Ina and we both agreed that the two videos above works the best. 


  • Greenery does not work
  • Be careful with reflections. They either work really well or flop.
  • Think about pacing

Following up, I sent the material to Susan Sentler for her opinion and I consolidated the notes as seen below. 

  • Body in sites is lovely, so is the colour and tones
  • More sensitivity entering and exiting frames is needed
  • Split screen is nice
  • Movement could be slower and less or even non-moving
  • Isabel could play with greater differentiation of movement language material with each site. From something more bold, extension, vectors…shifting to something more subtle, working with the negative/hidden spaces and again shifting to something slow, continuous, one gesture. 
I sent Susan and Ina some sites that I am considering of shooting. The sites are made of concrete mostly and they make great locations to shoot at.
Esplanade bridge
Marina coastal underway
Skate park
Suntec city
Susan shortly followed up with her suggestions which is consolidated below.
  • Suggested sites are wonderful.
  • A clear plan on what type of quality is needed in each space
  • More limitations will allow greater creativity. 
  • Dance: Allow for some to be very subtle, almost pedestrian. Then build with a change
  • Some areas/sites could repeat material from another, or accumulate, or change in velocity, Could have a basic phrase, that shifts and changes depending upon the site.
  • Shoot the texture of the concrete. The lines or play within each yield movement that could be edited into the live body.
  • Play with the abstract sense of movement. Allowing light, material to move the body to become material.