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FYP Review Feedback

I consolidated the supervisors’ feedback from FYP review.

What are the missing stories?
Why should we listen to them?
What will these add to the current landscape of en bloc?

Think about projection in relation to context – Why is there a need?
Looking into video art/projection

Need to justify how architecture and urbanism define SG/GER cities in relation to their historical development – Find points of convergence on how architecture is a mirror of historical past.

Interesting concept to connect dance to architecture. However, I need to present my point of view and who am I addressing it to.

Currently, it’s all over the place, too wide and many. More focus is needed on the subject (en-bloc).  It is better to say my project is an exploration of human experiences rather than how to explore human experiences. The former is a poetic exploration while the latter is problem solving.

Research (Read)

  • Isaac Julian
  • Stan Douglas
  • Rafael Lorenzo
  • Krzystof Wodizzko