Things I Wanted to Say to You But Never had the Courage


Installation Piece





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The public are given instructions on how to interact with the book and they are encouraged to pen down their feelings into the book and it allows them to share their feelings and experience where other people can read too.


I chose this location because firstly it is a quiet spot in the library. The content that I wanted the public to pen onto the book is rather personal hence I felt that the spot that I chosen is ideal. It is secluded and sheltered from the public yet accessible. It is also close to the entrance. The people who usually visit the sofa are people who are alone trying to find some peace and stillness. This allows them space and time to ponder about their feelings and think about if there is anything they want to say to a certain someone. The availability of the table next to the sofa also gives the user space to write on the book.


I bought fancy papers in order to create the book. The photos printed on the paper gave it an interesting texture, look and feel. I also used different paper texture for the cover and content because I want to differentiate the two. I cut down another hard paper to use as the spine. I sliced each A4 paper individually into A5 size and carefully lay on several layers of glue before placing the spine on it.

Artist’s Statement


How many of us have something we want to say to someone badly but never have the courage? How many times such thoughts spring up only after we observed the stillness of silence?

We tend to post our feelings on social media to convey a message, hoping that the intended receiver would notice what we truly feel. The rise of social media and the digitisation of messages seemed to have transformed words into hashtags.

In the booklet, the artist compiled a list of things he would want to say to someone but never had the courage to. Only one sentence appear in every pages exclusively. The placement of the words at the bottom of every page symbolises the possibility of the end of the relationship should he say the words out.

The artist wishes to collate the words that are never said from different people and share with the community. He believes that the collective voices of people who pen down in the booklet allows it to contain an immense amount of bottled up feelings. It is only when a reader peruse the book do they realise that many others may have the exact same words that they wanted to say to someone but never had the courage to. 


Lessons Learnt

I appreciate that we get to try to produce an installation for our 4D final assignment. I was always amazed by the works presented in museums and art shows and I was thrilled to be able to produce one myself too. From planning, to changing of ideas to submitting the idea for approval and working with relevant parties gave me the idea of how it is like curating an installation piece for the public. This assignment is relevant to my major in Visual Communication in terms of showcasing the work and working with space.

Update 15/4: Writings by the public. Short listed two of my favourite.