Week 6 Progress – Intergalactica Bath Bomb

This week I bought another bath bomb. This time I got the ‘Intergalactica’ bath bomb.

I prefer this bath bomb because the colours are much more pleasing and colourful.

I took some stills after it has completely dissolved.

I like how it looks like the milky way/galaxy.

Throughout the filming, I tried blowing the liquid too with a hairdryer.

It produced really beautiful effects.

I tried inserting the stills into the long panel format.

I also tried to create visuals that help me to visual how the final look might look like.

After consultation with Ina and advice from my friends, we thought it would be better to drop the black frame behind the model.

I inserted the footage into Premiere Pro and adjusted the brightness and contrast only. The work in progress can be seen below.

Intergalactica WIP

Overall, I love the visual of the second bath bomb that I captured. I will use a mix of the first and second bath bombs that I dissolved.

In addition, I’ve chosen the music that I want to use for my visual. It will be a 2 minutes audio from

The music producer has given me the permission use his music. Thankfully, I managed to find an oriental looking friend and I will most probably shoot the model footage on recess week.

Next Step:

  • Book photo studio (Make sure there is green screen)