Colour Palettes

Colour palettes refer to the range of colours used in a visual medium. These palettes can vary in hue, tone and value according to the ambience of the artwork. each palette portrays a different emotion or atmosphere and are used intentionally to evoke such reactions in the viewers.

Achromatic – Without colour, consisting of shades of White, Grey and Black 


Monochromatic – Derived from a single hue deferring in tones, shades and tints.


Analogous – Use of colours next to each other in the colour wheel

Complementary – Use of colours opposite each other in the colour wheel

Split Complementary – Use of a colour and two colours adjacent to its complementary colour

Triad Harmony- Use of three colours  equally spaced from each other in the colour wheel

Triadic Color Scheme Inspirational Decor 17 On Home Gallery Design Ideas

Tetra Harmony- Use of two complementary pairs of colours from the colour wheel

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