The Twisted World of Dreams





In this project, I explored reoccurring dreams that I have been having for the past few weeks. I narrowed my focus into 2 main dreams. First a violent Dystopian world where I was always chasing something or being chased and second a deja vu sense of being at home while in reality, I was in my halls.

Through these dreams I wanted to look into the stress I had been facing in trying to keep up with my university schedule and the homesickness that I was feeling. Since, the first part of the dream was an alternate universe that I made up, I decided to draw all the scenes. For the second part, I took photos that suggest that I woke up at home. I also increased the brightness and decreased the saturation of these photographs to create a more-dreamlike atmosphere where things appear to be too-good-to-be-true.

One of the Artworks that inspired me was a graphic novel titled ‘I kill Giants’ by Joe Kelly and Jim Ken Niimura about a girl who uses imaginary giants as enemies in order to overcome real-life problems she is facing such as her mother being on her deathbed. ┬áthe whole idea of creating fantasy worlds to cope with reality intrigued me


From this project, I was able to discover more about myself by exploring the topic of dreams and I was able to view various interpretations of the topic through my fellow classmates. It was very inspiring to see all the different ways the topic could be expressed. I also learned more about cinematographic techniques and how to manipulate the audience into feeling certain motions through the use of strategic camera angles and music.


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