Month: November 2015

2D Final Project: Equations

For our final project, we were tasked to once again explore more about ourselves. What makes up us, our dreams, our fears and our goals were all factors which made up the final equation better known as ‘ME’. As advised, I started brainstorming by using a word or a short phrase to depict each part of me that would be… Read more →

The Making of 4D Project 3 : Grimm Wards

Final Trailer : Welcome, to the Premier Release of the Trailer of  ‘Grimm Wards’. To know more about the making of the film, we have with us here today, Raiza, Natasha and Jiaxian, the makers of the ‘Grimm Wards’ Interviewer: So, How did you agree on recreating various characters from several children’s tales instead of focusing on one? Raiza: Well,… Read more →

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