2D Final Project: Equations

For our final project, we were tasked to once again explore more about ourselves. What makes up us, our dreams, our fears and our goals were all factors which made up the final equation better known as ‘ME’.

As advised, I started brainstorming by using a word or a short phrase to depict each part of me that would be used in the final equations. after several discussions, I finally decided on these four:

1. Wolf + Masks = Me

I like to think of my spiritual animal as a wolf as I am by nature a loner, difficult to get close to but fiercely loyal to those I’m close to. I also feel that in order to go about my life with ease, I tend to wear different masks for different situations. I don’t think this only applies to me but I do think it makes up a significant part of me. Hence, the first equation.

2. Me – Restrictions = Better Me

While I try to remain true to myself, I tend to put a lot of restrictions on myself in order to live up the expectations my parents and I have of myself. Sometimes, I think that to improve myself i need to let go of these restrictions and live as I want to.

3. Adventure x Photography = Ideal Me; Travel

Living in Singapore has exposed me to several different cultures and people I find fascinating. The open-minded nature that living in such a multi-racial community has instilled in me makes me curious about how the rest of the world is like. Therefore, a fantasy of mine is to travel around the world, capturing these cultures and the moments through my camera lens. I’m a bit ¬†practical and pessimistic about it actually coming true though.

4. Stories come to life + Magic = Me in 5 years

As much as I would love to travel, there is something else which I would love to do as well. That is to be involved in a major film or animation productions. As a child, I loved reading books of all genres especially those of fantasy. The first time I saw one of my favourite books become a feature film, I was mind-blown. Bring the story to life through the screen almost seemed like magic to me. In the future, I want to be part of the crew that makes that possible.

First Draft

As I am more comfortable using digital painting, I decided to create the images using photoshop



For the first equation ‘Me’, the themes and ideas behind is is of a dark nature hence, I used a lot of dark blues, greys and black

For the second equation ‘Better Me’, I decided to use brighter colours and an even brighter colour towards the end once I’ve gotten rid of my restrictions.

For the first 2 panels, I decided to use more earl tones as rock climbing and photography is something I do to calm myself and is almost natural. When put together, I’d like to think that I’d have a lot of fun travelling, hence the multi coloured and bright last panel.

The final panel is more literal. in order to give a strong contrast between the background the the bright subjects, I decided to use a dark background and added a bit of play of lights in the panels themselves.

Final Project:

The final result after I printed my work, and mounted it on white mounting boards,


Final 1 Final 2

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