The final project was enjoyable because, I was able to not only find out more about Guanyin but also try and see it in the modern context and envision how different connotations it might have had it the artwork was made in modern times.

However, our journey to the final product was not an easy one as it was fraught with doubts and confusion most of the time. We were sure that we had wanted to communicate our opinion on the transformation of the gender of the representation of Buddha in China as well as how it had certain similarities to transgenders of today’s society. As we researched more on the various topics, more and more ideas came to our minds, but at the same time, the more confused we became as to our goal and which direction we should go for.

After our short presentation on tout proposed final product, several problems made themselves known. The main problem was that not all of us had the same idea and interpretation of our final product.

The presentation enlightened us about the flaws in out explanations and our choice in the final product. Some questions we found ourselves pondering were,

  • Does this accurately communicate what we want to show?
  • Is it still a visual response if there isn’t any direct correlation between the artworks?
  • What are the specific aspects of the female gender we want to highlight on?
  • Is this the right medium/ presentation style for our idea?

After answering these questions together as a group and coming to a consensus and being on the same page, the path forward appeared surprisingly easily. And all that was left was to take the photos and print them out.

I had a lot of fun too with my group. Even though, we were focused during our meetings the atmosphere was light-hearted and humorous as we found ways to joke about while discussing. The photo shoot was especially enjoyable as we kept laughing at our attempt to make Iskandar a decent-looking girl. (none of us had much experience with make up.)


Here is a link to the process photographs we had before out final product.

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