Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa


Papilio Shell, Contemporary chair designed for a garden originated from a shell designed to enhance comfort. I am attracted to its simple yet versatile form resembling a protective helmet like that of an armadillo, a crab or a snail.

I enjoy designs which reminds me of nature. Something about nature inspired work or biomimicry makes a design appear very grounded, rooted in our hearts and mind. Nature is everywhere surrounding us and us surrounding them. In fact I have designed a fashion wearable known as The Armoured Little One, in a module last semester (Technology Art in Fashion),which is inspired by an armadillo shell meant for defense and protection.

The Contemporary Garden chair expresses a straightforward function – comfort, tranquility and freedom. Its curvaceous sides gently hugs our back and waist. Its broad top stretches across our neck allowing us to lean along its edge with ease. The bottom forms an upward curve, ready to embrace one anytime. It tapers slightly to a narrow flat base, which gives it its stable and humble appearance.


Papilio Shell, Contemporary chair made of polyethylene for a garden by Naoto Fukasawa


You may find out more about the Japanese Designer here. Before I dive in too deep into Fukasawa, I would like to take some time to read up on other designers. Stay tune to more post!

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