Visit to Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman

The trip to Harvey Norman was eye opening. I got to notice various trends of household products which I never did before since I don’t frequently change my furniture. TMI: Did I mention that my 20 years old bed frame collapsed a week ago? Well, my dad fixed that up for me so I never need to buy any new furniture…maybe in 20 more years to come.

Two similar products which I saw at Harvey Norman were Dyson Cool Fan and Philips Phone Mira M5501.

Dyson Cool Fan


Philip Phone Mira M5501



Interestingly, white seems to be a new trend colour. My first impression of white was that it makes a great contrast with dirt. That means, if I want to keep my furniture looking clean, I will need to keep up with the cleaning too. As a lazy person, white does not seem like a good choice as it magnify dirty marks found on it and the pure colour may lose its shine to become dull overtime. Now wait a minute, it’s white and not bright orange or soft turquoise?

When did white become a colour?

Seemingly plain and nude without any expression of colour, white can be considered to be the freshest colour with no influence from any forms of expressions. It is said to be a timeless colour. Cool white is said to be the most illuminated colour of blues and greens while warm white the most illuminated colour of yellows and reds.

With colour, less is definitely more.

Firstly, colour is not seen the same by everyone. There are some people with colour blindness who are unable to appreciate the expressions of colours by default.

Secondly, humans are generally sensitive to colour. Overly saturated colours can be hard to look at for a long time and may even hurt our eyes.

Thirdly, some colours are hard to work with as compared to others. The best match of colours comes with a good contrast. Look at this chart:

Matching colours
So what made white a popular choice for furniture design?

Pure white can break up patterns, soften bold decor and a whole lot more.

Read up more on Why White Is the Ultimate Pop of Color by principal designer + design influencer at the award winning interior design boutique Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG).



Quite noticeably, the shape that has been repeated in both designs are circle and race-track oval.





The round shapes of circle and oval suggest gentleness and gracefulness. The play with positive and negative space emphasise greatly on fluidity. Overall, the two products exude a visual sense of elegance and sleek appeal.


While the Dyson cool fan is a matt black or white and matt metallic silver or iron blue, the Philip phone mira is a mix between matt black interior and polish white exterior.

While the matt metallic shine of the Dyson cool fan emphasise on the coolness of its function as a fan, the polish white Philip phone gives it a porcelain appearance that emphasises its pristine condition.



One is a bladeless fan, another is a cordless phone.

Both the Dyson cool fan and the Philip Phone mira are similar in their approach towards innovation – simplicity without compromising on the best results.

On aspects of safety, the external rotating blade has been replaced with an internal impeller. An aligned loop allows air to enter and be propelled out on the other side by the internal impeller with less turbulence. In addition, a hemholtz cavity has been inbuilt to capture and dissipate motor noise.

An aligned loop allows air to enter and be propelled out on the other side by the internal impeller with less turbulence.

To learn more about the function of Dyson Cool Fan go here.

On aspects of convenience, cordless phone allows communicators to be away from the telephone base and still continue communication. In addition, the intelligently designed concealed sockets and an internal cable guide hides all cable from sight for a clutter free environment.

To learn more about the function of Philip phone Mira go here.



To conclude, the trip to Harvey Norman allowed me to compare different designs and understand the kind of design that appeals to me more. Furniture stores are definitely a good place to learn about the new trend setter and what aspects of timeless design.