The Fantastic Four.


First off, inspired by the iconic dragon playground in Singapore, the first final artwork is this.

no it’s not this.

This is the one.


Using my chinese name ‘SHENG’ in mandarin character, it is modeled out in 3D and then rendered. To further enhance this image, the small details you see that makes up the character and the border around it are actually tiles which is used in playgrounds in the past. Colours used are very friendly and it pops as there is an image of a HDB building in grayscale. I feel that this composition brings out the ‘feel’ of the past, whereby playgrounds are actually the heaven for children.

Bottle openerPrint

This, is also modeled in 3D and then rendered to a image. Composition, made up of 6 beer bottles, 3 pairs of repeated colourways. The 3 colours represent my 3 favourite breweries, Corona, Carlsberg and Heineken. They are placed in such a way where all the bottle points to the main focus, which is ‘me’, a bottle opener, also rendered in red.



After printing out the vector image of the scientist that forms my name, I felt that something was still missing. *YES THE TEST TUBE RACK IS MADE OF WOOD!* Realising this ‘further enhancement’, I gave the test tube rack its ‘skin’ which is a artificial wooden laminate. Upon adding the wooden laminate to simulate the test tube rack, I felt that it complete the art work which filled up the ’emptiness’ I felt while executing it.


Before the finale, some behind-the-scenes on how I put this piece of work together after printing.


Printed out on textured paper, it did give the waffle a contextual sense of touch. It looked more like a waffle as compared to printing it on normal paper.20160216_004836

Cutting them out was not an easy job as the edges had to be relatively smooth, else it would not look as ‘crispy’ as a fresh waffle would. Next up would be the ‘glossy’ honey I mentioned earlier.20160216_005909

One could not really tell from the photo, but it is printed on glossy paper and then laminated with a glossy finish. The finish was exactly what I wanted to achieve.



This final piece is my favourite one, not that I am biased against waffles, but I really like how the different textured paper brought about a sense of touch and sight. Other than physical aspects, I felt that the colours in this artwork worked out well, simple yet straight to the point.

And this sums up my first project of 2016! Till next project!





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