Monochrome To Colour (i)

Finally the last project for 2D! TO be honest, it felt very surreal having to end the semester so soon. We were just having illustrator lessons and now I’m here updating my OSS for the last project of 2D.

So the last project for the foundation year was zine, somewhat your own publication. With that being said, it was a free brief as to the style and the kind of paper we wanted, which also means everything was up to us.

Being our ‘own’ publication of 8 pages, I wanted to create my zine with entirely works of my own. With this idea, I started researching on zine ideas where I came across alot of different creative and inspirational zines. I wanted my zine to be more minimal, large graphics and solid lines to present my works.

In terms of font selection, I thought of using cleaner and simpler fonts, but it felt very formal and corporate. After consultation with Shirley, we decided on ‘handwritten’ type of fonts, so as to bring a friendlier approach since it was a more personal project reflecting on our work.

I have named my zine to be ‘Monochrome to Colour‘, as I wanted to include works from the past in polytechnic and then transit the viewer to my current university life; as well my showcasing my works in my ADM foundation year.

Below are some of the research and inspirations I have for my zine:


Together with all these layout guides found online, I had a rough idea on how I want to execute my work. But first, I had some rough sketches done up, which is what I have been doing since the very first project. I feel that by including the sketching phase in my creative process aids me alot in my development as sketching is instant and I do not need to worry about the idea disappearing just because I am stuck with the technical parts on software. And so, I went on sketching and indeed, more ideas became clearer and I found how to better execute my ideas.

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