PD02- Best Product Designer identified to me.

My mantra is: ‘Good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas.’
-Yves Behar
The designer which I can best identify with is Yves Behar. He brings across fresh ideas and makes them aesthetically and visually pleasing, which is something we can learn from.
I am especially attracted to the Jawbone series which he designed. In these design, he creatively added simple patterns to lifestyle gadgets and it gave the product its personality.
Yves, also the man behind the design of the Jambox delivers the same concept with repetitive patterns which gives off a sense of style and characteristic to the traditional bluetooth speaker.
The combination of simple geometric shapes to form patterns and applying it to consumer electronics, is to me, a simple yet a ‘why didn’t I think of this’ concept.
Jawbone- Yves Behar
Product Sketch

Being a product designer, we sometimes tend to overthink and complicate things and as such, we miss the ‘simple’ and ‘why didn’t I think of this’ solutions. In order to be a better designer, we have to develop the ‘eye’ to look at creative solutions in a fresh perspective, as well as having the sensitivity to make sound decisions when designing products.



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