PDIV – | 5 Exercise Sponge

” SMELL. “


Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng

In the last week, we were encouraged to try collecting smells with the use of materials, hence we carried out the experiment shortly after. We used the ‘magic sponge’ that was used for the very first class exercise.

We went around school to ‘plant’ sponges and see if they do actually collect smell.

Exercise Sponge

Trekking Route for Exercise Sponge

Objective: Collect various smells around NTU campus through sponge.

Duration: 12 Feb 1800hrs – 14 Feb 1000hrs (approx. 40hrs)
Material: ‘Magic’ Sponge
Weather: Humid, Sunny, sans-rain

1) ADM Smoking Area
2) ADM Water Fountain
3) ADM Verdant Turfed Roof aka rooftop
4) Canteen 2 Bus Stop
5) Sheltered Walkway, Opposite Blk 35F
6) Binjai Hall, Umbrella Shelter
7) Graduates’ Hall Bus stop
8) Fire Assembly Area, opposite Graduates’ Hall
9) Lamp Post along running track
10) North Spine Bus Stop
11) North Spine Fast Food Area
12) N.S3 Locker Area

Images of the locations where sponges were placed at:

*Click on images to view larger

Experiment Observations:

In that short 40-hour-span, sponges did collect different smells from the various locations they were placed in NTU. Different parts of the campus do have a distinct difference in smell. Even though some of the sponges collected distinct scents, we were not able to specify the specific scent.

1) Sponges could be wet prior to placement at various locations for possible better absorption of smell.
2) Duration of experiment can be prolonged further, for weather testing.

Possible site exploration:

1) ADM Verdant Turfed Roof under-utilized area, can be considered as an area for congregation, but may disrupt clean greenery feature of ADM.



2) Running Track, open space





To be continued…

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  1. I’m not sure I can fully understand the output of this research.

    Can you envision what will be your final output?

    Remember we are looking for a permanent installation on campus (one single location), with some aesthetic quality and delivering a strong value message, possibly involving users/visitors participation

    is the sponge sampling really satisfying your intentions and, looking at that permanent installation, is it really sustainable in terms of management/maintenance of the installation?

    would it be worth looking for materials that have smell on their own? (something can last…) …and with a good smell :-)…

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