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Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng

In the last post, Heng Tong and I came up with sketches on what we envisioned our installations to be. Upon the sketches, we went on to visualize our concepts in 3D. We also looked into the choice of materials we would want to adopt for our project, memory foam.

Concept(a)- Frame

Ross Lovegrove – Sofa (Auctioned)

We were very inspired by the sofa designed by Ross Lovegrove as we find that it very much fits into the approach that our project is heading towards.

This installation allows students to congregate through the ambiguous form within the installation. The spaces inside will be made up of memory foam which would be infused with our base smell.

Concept (b) – membrane

We envisioned our next concept to be placed near a flat wall at Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre. We find that it would be the most feasible location as it is a walkway that is being utilised the most, and it is also near an open space, hence allowing our base smell to diffuse into the surrounding.

The membrane concept is derived from a concept in the previous post on allowing people to interact with our installation intuitively (playground tic-tac-toe) concept. Through this concept, people will touch the installation while walking past it as it has different textures and contours. 

The form is inspired from incorporating the three keywords that we have into the design; Dispersive, Porosity, Flow. 

To be continued…

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