A line is a naughty boy that refuses to go home.

For this project about line, I first went to research on the meaning for the different emotions that I am working on. I want to get a clearer picture how they are used in different situations and a deeper understanding of their meaning to get an better idea of how to express them through physical means.

At the same time, I also research on how different types of lines convey different meanings. For example, horizontal lines suggest calm and quiet, a relaxed comfort.

After grasping the meaning for the different emotions and lines, I went to look up for images related to each emotions to expose myself to the various visual references.


From here, I started creating my emotions through experimenting different drawing mediums on different kinds of papers.

20150908_173332 20150908_173519

Work in progress…

1 54 321716 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6






Author: Zhou Yang

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