Lore VII: Courage

“Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.”
― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

What is courage?

Is it about shooting that dying second shoot with the whole stadium watching you? With the immersed pressure crushing on you, you release the ball from the tip of your finger. You watch as the ball flies through the air and towards the rim. It is time to settle this once and for all…

Is it about knowing that you are screwed when your last magazine is used up? You tighten your bayonet as you watch an endless flow of the enemy streaming up the post you are guarding. No reinforcement, no backup plan and definitely no miracle…

Is is about confessing to your crush? Knowing that you are gambling on the chance that the two of you may never have a chance to be purely friends again for a chance to hold her hands for the rest of your life.

“Hey, can I ask you…

Is it about holding on to your belief of doing art and design instead of going into more conventional courses such as business or engineering? You know that your future might be in jeopardy next time but you go ahead with your plan anyway.

“Dude, you can’t feed yourself with your passion…

It is about believing in God when God is no longer around. Oppos, did I just said God is no longer around?

So sorry…

Lore III: Book of Life.


God has a collection of books which recorded down all the things we do and say. One of the book is call the Book of Life. It noted down the names of every believer who is intended for after life in Heaven. Those names that are not found in the Book of Life will be toss in hell and suffer for eternity. There are other books that recorded down all the sins we have committed and also all the good deeds we have done. However, it is vital to recognize that if a person’s name is not found in the Book of Life, he will be toss into hell no matter how much good deeds he had done.

security_safe_door_grille_steel_store_bank_design_hd_picturesDuring the post judgement day period, the Book of Life was kept in the Parallel to aid the judge in trialling the offenders. The book contains immerse power that can determine if the offence committed is enough to send the offender to hell or he deserves a second chance by placing him in the redevelopment programme.  However, the importance of the Book of Life became increasing insignificant as the severity of corruption became out of control in the Parallel.  The rich and powerful used their wealth as their out of jail card while the poor suffered the consequence of unfair trials. The book was soon left in a heavily guarded safe room for years as its service was not longer needed.

During one of the the routine safety checks conducted by the angels, the book was found to have vanished from its safe room. Rumour has it that God took it for an unknown purpose. But nobody genuinely knew what happened to it. It could be anywhere, in anyone’s hand.



Chapter 1: The first encounter.

15The waiting room is a massive space that stretches endless in all four directions. The floor and ceiling are covered with white tiles much like the milk bar which you can buy from a high end grocery shop. It is clean or perhaps a little bit too clean. There is nothing in the room expect for the two white storm trooper patterned armchairs that Fel and Aurora are sitting on. Both of them are quiet while occasionally stealing glances at each other. The classic Christmas song: Loney Night by Mere Haggard is being played at the background.

The two of them had being there for at least a day. Nobody came to see them or to give them any food or drink. They do not feel hungry or thirsty anyway probably because they are currently not in the human dimension. With nothing to entertain themselves, the wait seems forever.

16Just then, they hear a prominent sound of wings flapping approaching them. A stocky build angel in white armor lands right in front of them. He smiles and takes out a harmonica. He starts to play pleasant tune which neither Fel nor Aurora recognizes. Their eye lids start to feel heavy and soon they fall to the floor soundly asleep.

17When they regain their consciousness, they find themselves each laying in a white king size covered with blanket. This time, the patterns for the bed sheets are R2D2. Both of them sit up from their bed wondering what just happened. Right in front of their eyes, is a young boy who sits in a wooden horse sucking on a white lollipop. He takes out his lollipop and says: “I’m bored. Share with me your stories.”

How will you respond?

Lore II: Angels

10The word angel in English is a combination of Old English engel and Old French angele. They are involved from the Late Latin word angelus which means “messenger”. Angelus in turn was acquired from Late Greek ἄγγελος ángelos.

12Since the beginning of time, angels have existed in the human world. They are compassionate sacred beings who serve as the celestial servant of God. They are, according to Medieval Angelology, the lowest of the nine celestial orders. The nine celestial orders are divided into three spheres as follows (starting with those closest to God):

The first sphere: Seraphim, Cheribum and Thrones.

The second sphere: Dominions, Virtues and Powers.

The third sphere: Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

11The deities speak in the language of light while humans speak in the language of sound. Therefore, angles being the closest to mankind act as interpreter to translate messages from heaven to worthy humans in a language they can grasp. The messages are usually solutions to iron out specific issues that are happening around the world. Their duty is primarily on earth dealing with human issues. When they are off duty, they dedicates their time to intensive research in the libraries of heaven. Their research mainly focuses on experiencing and understanding human emotions and behaviors.

13However, during the post judgement day period, there was a change in the code of operation for the angels. They were instructed by God to descend to Earth to be the main peace keeping force in maintaining law and order. This resulted in the security forces all over the world to be stripped of their firearms. There were resistances in the beginning, but bullets and missiles were no match to the angelic power of the warriors in feathery wings. Soon, the angels occupied the government agencies from all over the world. The takeover was completed in less than an hour from the dawn of judgement day. The world leaders left helpless without their security troops were escorted by the angels to heaven. They were treated to sit around an extreme long bocote made table with God for supper. During the supper, God declared all government agencies to be dissolved. In their place, a heavenly agency, the Parallel, which will be run by angels, will be set up to take over the job of maintaining law and order. It sent shock waves through the leaders but none dared to utter a word in front of the mighty one. That day marked the first day the human race steps into the Age of the Judgement.








Lore: Heaven, Hell and the Parallel

“God must have a weird sense of values, and if there’s a Judgment Day, as some folks think, He’s going to have a lot to answer for.”
― Philip Appleman


Our perception of religion seemingly initiated around the time of the Upper Paleolithic Revolution which was about 50 000 years ago. It refers to a particular set of thinking and system concerning the principals of the universe which is acknowledged upon by people. Together alongside other cultural elements such as language, technology and aesthetics, it matured and developed throughout the course of time. Over the space of countless generations, it advanced to be a critical part in the progress and refinement of the human history.


Earth, the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System, the only astronomical object know to possess life. It was formed about 4.54 billion years ago. Within the first few billion years, life appeared and evolved over time based on the influence of physical properties and geological history of Earth. The earliest life form was estimated to be existed around 3.5 million years ago. Since then, the Earth’s biodiversity increased constantly. It is estimated that there are about 10-14 million existing species currently living on Earth. About 1.2 million of them have been studied and documented and over 86% have not yet being studied in depth.

flashy advertisings and crowded streets are a feature of the shopping district in shibuya, tokyo, japan

Humans, one of the many species that is part of the immerse biodiversity. Over 7.3 billion of them live on Earth and depend on it for survival. Its population is divided among over 200 countries which are interlinked through various communication means.

A specie that thrives for thousands of years under the superior progression of their ability in science and technology.

A specie that is superior over all the other species on Earth.

A specie that stood still on 5 August 2047 8.08PM.


5 August 2047 8.08PM



The first sighting was recorded in Vatican City. Millions of glowing beings with giant feathery wings descended from the sky and hover over the sky. The ground shook and millions of pale skeletal beings clothed in long, dark, black hooded cloak crawled out. Each with a soul thirsting scythe in their skeletal hands.

Soon, more sighting were recorded over the world.

Karachi, Pakistan

Shanghai, China

Mumbai, India

Buenis Aires, Argentina

Minila, Philippines

Seoul, South Korea

San Paulo, Brazil

Moscow, Russia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Istanbul, Turkey

Bangkok, Thailand

Mexico City, Mexico

Tokyo, Japan

Tehran, Iran

New York City, USA

Kin Sha Sa, Congo D.R

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lagos, Nigeria…

5 August 2047 10.08PM


Exercise Rock Nemesis Dec. 4, 2015


United State of America declared state of emergency.

The other countries soon followed.












Saudi Arabia








6 August 2047 12.08AM


A vigorous beam of light pierced through the sky of Vatican City and turned the night into day.

It was judgement day.

500 years later…


Since the day of the judgement, the entire human race went through a sweeping revolution in the society in terms of its structure.

God becomes the absolute leader in the world power hierarchy. He lives in the heaven which is a massive building that appeared during judgement day. It seems to stretch endless across the sky. He rules over the leaders from around the world, giving them orders through messages send by angels.

The military and home land security forces such as the police are disarmed. Angels and reapers now take over the duty of carrying out law and order. Angels in the day and reapers in the night. Anyone found breaking the law will be sent to the Parallel, an agency created by God during the judgement day. It exists in a hidden dimension in the human world. Once found guilty by the judge, an angel, the offender will be locked up in the prison of Parallel. The jail term is tied with the severity of the offender’s crime. During the time in the Parallel prison, the offender will be going through a series of redevelopment programs to have his sinful soul cleansed before he returns to the society.

However, if an offender’s crime is deemed to be too sever, he will be sent to hell, a monstrous underground construction that emerged during the judgement day, by the reapers to be locked up forever. There is no death, only internal suffering in hell. There is no way out once you are in.

Our faith have turn physical and materialized right in front of our very own eyes. It is now something that we can actually feel and grasp.

Things look promising in the beginning, sinners punished, get cleansed, and returned to the society. The unforgivable ones are sent for internal suffering in hell. However, the rich soon master the art of buying their way out of trouble as the angels and reapers become increasing drawn towards the temptations in the human world. Tainted by corruption, injustice soon overshadows the once peaceful and prosperous world bringing fear and panic among the innocent folks. Money and power soon become the undisputed tool to unrestricted freedom and possibly internal life on earth. Chaos soon arises with the rich walk scoot-free from their crimes and the poor helpless against the accusations that are wrongful put onto them. The world is once again plunged into darkness. Just that this time there is no one to turn to for help. No heroes, no miracles and not even the slightest of hope left.

This is the Age of the Judgement.


You are an offender waiting for your turn to have your hearing at the Parallel. You have committed an offense that might possibly land you into prison or even into hell. Write down your name, appearance descriptions, attribute points, your background story and most importantly the offense you committed.