Chapter 1: The first encounter.

15The waiting room is a massive space that stretches endless in all four directions. The floor and ceiling are covered with white tiles much like the milk bar which you can buy from a high end grocery shop. It is clean or perhaps a little bit too clean. There is nothing in the room expect for the two white storm trooper patterned armchairs that Fel and Aurora are sitting on. Both of them are quiet while occasionally stealing glances at each other. The classic Christmas song: Loney Night by Mere Haggard is being played at the background.

The two of them had being there for at least a day. Nobody came to see them or to give them any food or drink. They do not feel hungry or thirsty anyway probably because they are currently not in the human dimension. With nothing to entertain themselves, the wait seems forever.

16Just then, they hear a prominent sound of wings flapping approaching them. A stocky build angel in white armor lands right in front of them. He smiles and takes out a harmonica. He starts to play pleasant tune which neither Fel nor Aurora recognizes. Their eye lids start to feel heavy and soon they fall to the floor soundly asleep.

17When they regain their consciousness, they find themselves each laying in a white king size covered with blanket. This time, the patterns for the bed sheets are R2D2. Both of them sit up from their bed wondering what just happened. Right in front of their eyes, is a young boy who sits in a wooden horse sucking on a white lollipop. He takes out his lollipop and says: “I’m bored. Share with me your stories.”

How will you respond?

Author: Zhou Yang

Things can go wrong but life goes on. 人生没有如果只有结果。

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  1. Boy: I don’t think it is necessary to know my name. Okay, never mind. For convenient sake, you guys can call me Rose. You know the disgusting plant that people always give each other during Valentine’s Day. And well why should you share your story with me? Hmmm…well just treat it as a little ice breaking session. I would really like to know you all a little bit better before I can offer my help.

    Aurora: Enough of all these crap! How do we get the hell out of this place?

    Boy: Wow. I don’t think that’s very polite. Considering the fact that I may be the only one that can get you to freedom.

    Fel: So how do we get out of here?

    Rose: To start off, why don’t you guys tell me a little bit about yourself and your family and how did you ended up here?

    Aurora: Fine, I will go first. Name is Aurora. My dad is part of the Yakuza. He is always out and returned home only once every few months ever since I can remember. I used to ask mum when dad was coming home. She just told me to wait. I grew up in the midst of waiting for him to come home. Whenever he was home, I would ask him where he was and what he was doing all these while and most importantly how long was he staying. He would always avoid all those question and told me that what he was doing was for the sake of the family. I never truly understand his words so I day I decided to follow him when he left the house again. I got lost and ended up finding myself in the City of Babel. A forgotten city that was left to rot on its own. Everything seemed so new and exciting to me at that time. I spent the rest of the day exploring the city and got my first tattoo. Ever since then, I have being making regular visits to the city. I got to know a lot of people and experience many new things. It is so much better than the place I am living in.

    Rose: City of Babel huh? I heard of that place. The city forgotten by God. It is notorious for its drug problems. Let me guess, you landed yourself here because of drug related stuff?

    Aurora: I didn’t do it. I was making my regular trip to the city when two angels appeared right in front of me. They showed me a bag of cocaine liked powder and demanded me to hand over the rest of them. I told them I had nothing to do with those drugs. But of course they wouldn’t listen and here I am talking to you.

    Rose: So what about you?

    Rose turns to Fel.

    Fel: My name is Fel. I live in Thessaloniki City. My parents were brought here 6 years ago and never return. I don’t know what happened to them. They were taken away by angels because they were accused by Thessaloniki City. It is all bullshit. My parents were just trying to get back the salary that he owned them. Our family wasn’t doing very well back then you see. We really needed the money. The dispute dragged on for months. They called him, went to his factory, brought the case to the Parallel. They basically tried all ways and means to get back the money. Then, one day two angels just showed up and took them away when I was asleep. I didn’t even had the chance to see them for the last time.

    Rose: So what about yourself?

    Fel: After my parents were gone, I stopped studies and went to look for a job to support myself. There wasn’t much I could do since I didn’t have much qualifications. I went to work for the Aliko family, a rich family in Nazareth City, as a domestic helper after I saw the hiring notice from the job center. Things were pretty good in the beginning. They were nice and really treated me as part of their family. However, they wasn’t doing so well recently. Their business was failing and they didn’t have much cash to spare. I wasn’t paid for 3 months so I decided enough was enough. I went to them and they promised to pass me the money the next morning. They even apologized and asked for my understanding. But the next morning I was taken away by angels just liked my parents. I was accused for stealing their prized puppy.

    Aurora: So how do we get out of here? I think we told you enough.

    Rose: Well, the two of you will be going through a series of test to determine if you are eligible to return to the society. However, if you are deem unsatisfactory, you will be locked up in hell forever.

    Fel: Are you serious? I am innocent! What’s wrong with the system? My parents did nothing wrong and they were taken away! And now I have to suffer because of some irresponsible people who just want to get rid of me!

    Aurora: What’s wrong? Everything is wrong. The entire society is filled with corruptions and injustices. The rich and powerful get away with literally anything. They bribed the angels and reapers so that they can be Gods themselves. People are suffering but the angels and reapers are too busy counting the money they got to give a damn about anything. What’s the point of locking us up in hell when we are already living in one? Where is God? Where is He when we need Him?

    Rose: I understand there are issues out there beyond our control. But in times like this we need to have faith and never lose hope,” Rose tried to calm them down. “Even when the world forces its worst on us and left us alone to suffer, there will always be hope. Believe in God, believe that He will do what’s right for us.

    Aurora: It is easy for you to say all these! You are not the one going through all these. You are an asshole just like them

    Fel: Why don’t you just cut your crap?

    Rose: Okay fine, you guys left me with no choice.

    Rose snapped his fingers and a random clockwork toy drummer out of nowhere marched into the room. It started playing cherry drum beats which encored throughout the room. Both Aurora and fel fall into deep sleep in their beds.

    Rose: Good luck. May the blessing of God be upon you.

    As he finish his sentence, a ball of light engulfed the two beds.


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