Device of the Week 2: Tile Slim – Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Slim: Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile Slime is a device that is slim enough to be slotted into wallets or purses. It is connected to the users’ phones via Bluetooth. The users can make it ring through the complementary application on their phones to recover their belongings.  If it is beyond the Bluetooth range, it will show the last known location on the map through the complementary application. The Tile Slim also has a button in the middle that users can press to make their phone ring even if their phones are in silent mode. The device can also be fixed onto a laptop, tablet, or another device through adhesive means. However, a device with adhesive purpose needs to be purchased separately.

Product Visualisation

Pros and Cons of the Device


1. It is a simple and viable solution for users that tend to misplace their things. Important things such as wallets and headphones are often misplaced by people. Such a device will cut down on the time wasted to find these items.

2. If users are unable to find their belongings with the device, they can tag their devices as lost and they will be registered in the application database. Any user with the application comes within the range of the lost belongings, notifications will be sent to the particular users.


1. It is based on a subscription model and hence users need to renew their plans yearly to enjoy the service of the device.

2. The battery of the device is non-replaceable. Therefore, it is faulty, the users need to get a new device or the device will not work.

Suggestion for alternate use and/or modification

This device can be altered so that younger children can wear them as well. It allows their parents to find them when they get lost in a crowded place. They can be designed with bright colors and children friendly features so children feel that they are wearing accessories instead of a device. Functions such as sending emergency notifications to nearby emergency organizations such as police stations can also be features added to the device to enhance its usability.

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