Interactive 2: Documentation and Progress I


For our project, we are looking into experimenting with sound. We feel that sound is an interesting element that we constantly overlook due to its abundance existence in our life. As sound is a non visual element, We feel that it is a favorable circumstance for us to use our other senses other that our sight which we so depend on, to feel and appreciate the spaces around us. In the process, we hope to gain fresh realization on our reaction of sound by our body. Therefore, we want to use this opportunity to have an interaction with sound free of any outside distraction. We want to find out about the significance of sound and its purpose in our daily life.  

The following are some videos that give a rough idea on the type of interaction we are looking into and hope to achieve. 


Author: Zhou Yang

Things can go wrong but life goes on. 人生没有如果只有结果。

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