Interactive 2: Documentation and Progress V


Bao Song Yu & Zhou Yang

For our final project, we decided to shift away from the idea of creating an interactive installation depicting the experience of walking in a cave in a dark room. We feel that the cave experience is cliche and does not add meaning to our project of using sound to create an experience.

Instead, we decided to experiment using sounds to create a narrative experience for users. For example, the sound of wind can means a storm is approaching, or it can mean a breeze from the sea. If another layer of sound is added to the context, it will become an entirely different meaning. We feel that it will be interesting to see how people react to different sounds and how they feel about it.

Therefore, we decided to experiment with different sounds to create a different context for the users. We will be blind folding the users experiencing our installation so that the impact of sound can be enhanced. The users will also be wearing headphones to prevent distraction from the surrounding sound. This allows them to experience only the sound and nothing else.

After looking around, we decided to use the space at the concrete wall in Adm for our installation. The uniform color wall will serve as an excellent background for our color tracking sensor of our Max patch. The open space will also invoke interests from passer-by when the users are interacting with the installation. We also tested out the volume needed to be input into the headphone to cancel out the surrounding sound. 

Author: Zhou Yang

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