Lore II: Angels

10The word angel in English is a combination of Old English engel and Old French angele. They are involved from the Late Latin word angelus which means “messenger”. Angelus in turn was acquired from Late Greek ἄγγελος ángelos.

12Since the beginning of time, angels have existed in the human world. They are compassionate sacred beings who serve as the celestial servant of God. They are, according to Medieval Angelology, the lowest of the nine celestial orders. The nine celestial orders are divided into three spheres as follows (starting with those closest to God):

The first sphere: Seraphim, Cheribum and Thrones.

The second sphere: Dominions, Virtues and Powers.

The third sphere: Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

11The deities speak in the language of light while humans speak in the language of sound. Therefore, angles being the closest to mankind act as interpreter to translate messages from heaven to worthy humans in a language they can grasp. The messages are usually solutions to iron out specific issues that are happening around the world. Their duty is primarily on earth dealing with human issues. When they are off duty, they dedicates their time to intensive research in the libraries of heaven. Their research mainly focuses on experiencing and understanding human emotions and behaviors.

13However, during the post judgement day period, there was a change in the code of operation for the angels. They were instructed by God to descend to Earth to be the main peace keeping force in maintaining law and order. This resulted in the security forces all over the world to be stripped of their firearms. There were resistances in the beginning, but bullets and missiles were no match to the angelic power of the warriors in feathery wings. Soon, the angels occupied the government agencies from all over the world. The takeover was completed in less than an hour from the dawn of judgement day. The world leaders left helpless without their security troops were escorted by the angels to heaven. They were treated to sit around an extreme long bocote made table with God for supper. During the supper, God declared all government agencies to be dissolved. In their place, a heavenly agency, the Parallel, which will be run by angels, will be set up to take over the job of maintaining law and order. It sent shock waves through the leaders but none dared to utter a word in front of the mighty one. That day marked the first day the human race steps into the Age of the Judgement.








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