Lore III: Book of Life.


God has a collection of books which recorded down all the things we do and say. One of the book is call the Book of Life. It noted down the names of every believer who is intended for after life in Heaven. Those names that are not found in the Book of Life will be toss in hell and suffer for eternity. There are other books that recorded down all the sins we have committed and also all the good deeds we have done. However, it is vital to recognize that if a person’s name is not found in the Book of Life, he will be toss into hell no matter how much good deeds he had done.

security_safe_door_grille_steel_store_bank_design_hd_picturesDuring the post judgement day period, the Book of Life was kept in the Parallel to aid the judge in trialling the offenders. The book contains immerse power that can determine if the offence committed is enough to send the offender to hell or he deserves a second chance by placing him in the redevelopment programme.  However, the importance of the Book of Life became increasing insignificant as the severity of corruption became out of control in the Parallel.  The rich and powerful used their wealth as their out of jail card while the poor suffered the consequence of unfair trials. The book was soon left in a heavily guarded safe room for years as its service was not longer needed.

During one of the the routine safety checks conducted by the angels, the book was found to have vanished from its safe room. Rumour has it that God took it for an unknown purpose. But nobody genuinely knew what happened to it. It could be anywhere, in anyone’s hand.



Author: Zhou Yang

Things can go wrong but life goes on. 人生没有如果只有结果。

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