My name is ___ and I am __. [RESEARCH]

Finally doing the most painful part of the project – writing about the blood, sweat and tears and the amount of time I procrastinated I went through doing the six four 2D typography A5 postcards. It was fun nevertheless. So enough of me bullshitting, let’s move on to how I got started with the project and how I move on from there and all the other stuff.

Lets-do-demotivational-meme1It is a project that…never mind I forgot what the brief says already. Anyway, the project is about using your name or your name initial to do some inspirational typography A5 postcards based on the sentence:

“My name is ___ and I am __.”


So primary school.

So basically I have to write something like – My name is Zhou Yang and I am a hero. Something along that line. You can talk about jobs you want to do or what you want the other people to know about you or some other stuff. Basically as long as the things make sense (hopefully) and it sounds cool and awesome, you are on the right track.

Initially, I wrote down things like:

My name is ____ and I am

a carpenter


a superhero

a thinker

tired of life

a hunter

addicted to books

a Digimon tamer…

Yeah, stuff like these…

seriouslyAfte writing down some of the possibilities about what I can be or what I can do, I find that they are all too common. I mean I could have written: My name is Zhou Yang and I am a policeman and someone else could have written: My name is so and so and I am a fireman. There is no much difference. No matter how you tell people why you want to be a policeman, nobody going to care. It is just another SAD ORDINARY story that never got materialised.

Therefore after much thoughts and many bowls of instant noodles, I decided to use this project to send out messages.

Okay due to my lack of efficiency in ang mo English, I shall use an example to explain.

For example:

My name is Zhou Yang and I am skipping my meals. (Ha ha. Who am I kidding?) Okay, enough of jokes. This sentence is to bring about awareness on people suffering from anorexia by drafting  a sentence saying that I am skipping my meals. Hopefully, you get an idea of what I am going to do.

Therefore, I change my focus on what kind of message I want to send out to people through my project.

After a few rounds of brainstorming with many more bowls of instant noodles sacrificed, I decided to work on the idea of environment issues. I feel that it is something happening on a global scale and is something that is closely related to our life.

So here are some development sketches I did:





Visual references:



CIL working face 2a


By compiling and analysing my research and sketches, I decided on the final four I am going to work on:

My name is Zhou Yang and I am factory chimney.

My name is Zhou Yang and I am melted ice.

My name is Zhou Yang and I am cracked land.

My name is Zhou Yang and I am landfill.

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