Narratives for Interaction: Documentation and Progress IV


Goh Cher See | Nicholas Makoto | Zhou Yang

After discussion, we felt that the cut scenes describing the story is too long and is going to take up too much of our time. Hence, we decided to trim down on the number of scenes involved which will make our story more concise.

The Battle of Malaya which directly led to the attack on Singapore will be cut. The story line of the game will start directly during the retreat of the British into Singapore.

We decided to add in the event of the British surrendering to the Japanese as we feel that this is a crucial point in the history of Singapore. It shows us that we cannot depend on foreign power to protect the sovereign of our country.  

We also decided to focus on refining the endings of our game. The element of the family will be emphasized. Different decisions made by the player during the game will affect the fate of their family members. Any questionable decision made by the player will result in their death. We want to carry the massage that there is no winner or loser in war, just families broken and devastated. 

Revised game flow and the sequence of cut scenes for the story.   

Moving Forward:

We will continue to refine the story of the game. There are still parts that can be more concise to cater to the fact that we do not have much time left. However, at the same time we are making sure the quality of the story will not be affected. 

We are starting to materialize our game by experimenting on the starting portion of the game. We are also testing out different background music and different art styles to fit the overall narrative experience of the game. The game mechanics of the game is also something we are tackling. We are trying to figure out how to run the interaction between the playing character and the in game characters. 


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