Narratives for Interaction Sharing: The Walking Dead

Since my project is on creating a narrative based game, I had been researching and looking into games that have the similar components. And I feel that The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games will be an interesting sharing.

It is a zombie survival game. However, it does not priorities the action and problem-solving qualities like many other survival games. Instead, players are exposed to the engaging narrative and character development of the game. Through playing the game, players will grow personal connections with the in-game characters. I feel that Telltale Games did an excellent job in providing the quality story line that keeps the players engage and at the edge of their seats.

During the game, players have to make choices. Some of the choices are pretty straight forward while others will put players into moral dilemmas. To add on to the challenge, there is the time limit for players in making their choices giving them the real-time problem-solving experience. These decisions will later affect the outcome of particular events or the fate of individual characters. Therefore, I feel that it provides the players with a legitimate experience of trying to survive in a world filled with danger.

Author: Zhou Yang

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