Narratives for Interaction Sharing: Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) developed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson that paved the way for modern day RPG games. The game is played with each player controlling a single fictional character. The abilities and background story of the character will be based on the imagination of the player. The game will also have a Dungeon Master who will take up the responsibility of running the game and providing the players an overall pleasant gaming experience. 

Each player will are supposed to guide their in-game characters through series of adventures and make decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. At the same time, they also have the chance to interact with different characters throughout the game. The exploration and interaction of the characters in the game are based purely on verbal communication among the players and the Dungeon Master. 








Narratives for Interaction Sharing: The Man From Earth

The Man From Earth talks about the story of a college professor that is a stone age man. He managed to survive to modern day time. During his farewell gathering, he revealed to his fellow colleagues his true identity. They were stunned by his story, and an engaging discussion occurred among them debating about the stone age man’s fascinating identity. 

It is an intriguing science fiction movie. It emphasized immensely on the importance of story quality in a movie. I feel the movies in modern times especially sci-fiction genre focus too much on other areas of the movie elements such as the visual effects and hiring famous actors or actress. Somehow along the way, it causes the movie to lost its magic as a satisfying storytelling medium. 

The Man From Earth did just the opposite of what most of the conventional movies are doing. The entire movie was filmed in an apartment with some outdoor scenes around the apartment. The main bulk of the movie was spent focusing on the development of the story and the verbal interaction among the people. Many thought provoking questions and ideas were raised and discussed among the people. Even sensitive topics such as religion were examined. It caused viewers of the movie to rethink about the information they possessed that shaped their world through the words of the characters in the movie. 

Narratives for Interaction Sharing: Cross-Media Worlds – Connecting across Games, Film, Books, and More

The video emphasized on the potential of cross-media platform interaction among games to play a major role in the future of the gaming industry. It provided various examples, and one of them is the game “Dust 514”, a first-person shooter developed by CCP Games, as an example to explain the concept. In the game “Dust 514”, the outcome of the games played by the players will have a direct impact on the gaming world of Eve Online, another game developed by CCP Games. The aim is to engaged the players for a long period through the interactions between the different gaming platforms by different players. This allowed them to share their gaming experiences with more people. It also provided more exposures for the games through this notion of game sharing experience.