upon a deep slumber i fell
body weary from the vigours of living
yet my soul found strength to drift away

reflections, i’ve got none
walked over like dirt upon the ground
broken, faulty
i drag myself

rest my head, go to sleep
hush my mind, wander no more

thoughts you churned
keeps my head spinning
round and round

silence, silence
i try to find my peace
but time is seeming to run out now
as i struggle to stay afloat

my child, my child
where art thou?
i seek for thee, high and low

be gone, be gone
judging eyes
look away
there’s nothing to see here

release, are you hanging
upon the ceiling?
your bright light intrigues me

i’ll run, i’ll run
towards that light
towards exoneration
from those prying eyes

and i watch myself watching myself
i surrender, my sanity
a fuzzy grey
in my matter grey

you tell me it’s okay
it’s okay my child
perhaps i’ll be so
when my soul returns no more

and perhaps
then slumber then may
render itself, permanent.

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